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Each of your child’s braces adjustments at Dr. Rehana Khan’s orthodontic clinic helped to bring their teeth one step closer to their ideal position and alignment. Now that this has been accomplished, she can uninstall the orthodontic hardware.

However, the periodontal ligaments anchoring their teeth in place will still have some residual tension left over from the adjustments. To prevent their teeth from relapsing out of their ideal position, Dr. Rehana Khan will likely fit your son or daughter for a removable Hawley retainer.

This is a removable mouthpiece that Dr. Rehana Khan shapes from a special dental acrylic. It will be held in place by special wires that interlock with their upper teeth.

Their Hawley retainer will need to be worn at specified times. If any part of it is bent or damaged, it could increase the amount of time they need to use the retainer.

Your child can drink and speak normally while the retainer is in their mouth. Yet they will need to take it out when eating to prevent food particles from getting trapped under the retainer and prevent unnecessary damage.

You should encourage them to keep retainer in its case when they are not using it. It’s best for them to simply get in the habit of keeping the case quick with them throughout the day. Improvising with a napkin or plastic bag should only be a last resort.

If your son or daughter had their teeth realigned at Dr. Rehana Khan’s orthodontic clinic in Santa Monica, California, and you have a question about retainers, you can call 310-393-3344 to speak to a staff member at Santa Monica Orthodontics.