At Santa Monica Orthodontics, Dr. Rehana Khan proudly provides excellent care to each of her patients. As a patient-focused, family orthodontics practice, we firmly believe that while going through the orthodontic treatment process, each patient’s journey should be a happy one. To help build such a positive experience, we provide specialized, personal care that begins with providing well-defined treatment options and focused time and attention from Dr. Rehana Khan throughout treatment.

The key to successful treatment and patient satisfaction is our commitment to provide clear communication at every stage of treatment with both your patients and their dentists, as well as providing an accommodating schedule.

Above all, we are an honest practice. Our ethical integrity means that there are no hidden fees. We know that braces are an important investment, and we promise to honor your trust in us with the highest codes of care, conduct, and professionalism.

To learn more about us and to set up your next appointment with our skilled orthodontist in Santa Monica, California, please contact us today.

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