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Are you familiar with the effects of bruxism on an otherwise healthy smile? Bruxism, is the act of clenching and grinding your pearly whites, most often in your sleep. This condition is generally unconscious as you do it in your sleep. Because it happens while you are sleeping, it may go undiagnosed for long periods of time. So if your smile ever feels different or “off” when you awake, you might want to look for these signs and symptoms of bruxism:

– Do you have peculiar indentations on your tongue and your cheek tissue shows signs of damage?

– Are your teeth extra sensitive?

– Have you been diagnosed with TMJ disorders?

– Has your sleep partner or roommate mentioned that you clench your teeth loudly while you sleep?

– Do you experience jaw soreness and facial pain after waking up?

– Do you experience frequent headaches or earaches?

– Do your teeth look flat or dull, or are broken with no explanation of how the damage occurred?

If you have any of the signs and symptoms listed above, you may need help for your sleep bruxism. We invite you to schedule an exam with Dr. Rehana Khan and our team at Santa Monica Orthodontics. We are pleased to offer night guards for our patients who suffer the effects of bruxism.

Please call 310-393-3344 in Santa Monica, California, and speak with a member of our team. We look forward to helping you achieve the healthy smile you deserve!