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Unaddressed alignment issues with your teeth can put your mouth at increased risk of some dental health conditions. It can also leave you with an unattractive smile that leaves you feeling self-conscious about your appearance.

In a situation like this Dr. Rehana Khan can gradually correct the alignment of your teeth with orthodontic braces. This often incorporates wires that are attached to brackets fastened to the faces of your teeth. If necessary Dr. Rehana Khan might also include other orthodontic components.

After installation, you will occasionally need to return to Dr. Rehana Khan’s orthodontic clinic for a routine adjustment. These appointments will tighten your braces to gradually move your teeth toward their ideal alignment.  The number of adjustments and time it takes to correct your teeth will depend on the severity of the alignment problem.

Once this is done Dr. Rehana Khan will also provide you with a retainer. It will help ensure that your teeth remain in their position for many years without relapse. Using the retainer at the necessary times and maintaining it will help minimize the amount of time you need it.

If you live in the Santa Monica, California, area and you have uncorrected alignment problems with your teeth, you should call 310-393-3344 to schedule a braces consultation with the orthodontic specialists at Santa Monica Orthodontics.