Your first visit should last between 45 minutes and 60 minutes.

Before coming in for your first visit with Dr. Rehana Khan, you are encouraged to complete the online NEW PATIENT FORMS to establish your dental and medical histories. If you have diagnostic records that are less than 6 months old, they may be brought to the appointment. Otherwise these may be taken in our office and completed during your first visit. This will initiate your patient file and become a benchmark for monitoring your future treatment progress.

You will meet with both Dr. Rehana Khan and your treatment coordinator, who will provide you with an overview of orthodontic care and services at Santa Monica Orthodontics. Dr. Rehana Khan will review available diagnostic digital images, along with your dental and medical histories, before conducting a comprehensive visual examination to assess your particular treatment need. After establishing the best course of treatment, Dr. Rehana Khan will discuss the desired goals and outline a basic plan and schedule for its implementation and completion.

Provided you have been seen by a general dentist within the 6 months prior to your visit, and are cleared to begin orthodontic treatment, separators will be placed to prepare for subsequent treatment.

You will then see us at regular intervals averaging every 4 weeks for an adjustment, which takes 20 to 40 minutes.

For more information and to schedule your first visit with our orthodontist in Santa Monica, California, please contact our office today at 310-393-3344.

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