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A temporomandibular joint, also called a TMJ, is a joint within your jaw that is primarily in charge for many essential functions within your face, including the ability to open and close your mouth. A TMJ is a complex ball and socket joint with a myriad of connected parts that work like clockwork to allow your mouth to move in a multitude of angles, which is especially important for chewing food. If a TMJ becomes damaged in any way, a temporomandibular joint disorder occurs, also known as a TMD.

Treating TMDs includes rest and the avoidance of stress. Meditative techniques have been shown to be beneficial for your smile, so use them whenever possible, including relaxing therapies such as music, yoga, and biofeedback. In addition, avoid eating tough or chewy foods such as steak.

When suffering from a TMJ disorder, your jaw may have trouble opening and may make abnormal popping noises. Furthermore, you will feel pain in your jaw as well as in and around your ears, and even more so when you attempt to speak, chew, or yawn. Various methods for treating your jaw includes using ice packs for inflammation and swelling, and heat packs for severe pain.

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