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The orthodontic components of your braces represent a functional component for realigning your teeth. Each of your adjustment sessions with Dr. Rehana Khan will tension your braces to bring your teeth once step closer to their ideal position and orientation.

If a component it loosened, damaged, or bent it will need to be repaired as soon as possible. In some cases, the damaged component could even cause significant trauma to the soft tissues in your mouth.

An athlete with braces might be at heightened risk of suffering these adverse complications. This is especially true if you participate in a contact sport. To help prevent these problems you should always wear a mouth guard at the necessary times.

Unfortunately, many of the stock mouth guards and some of the thermoplastic mouthpieces sold in sporting goods stores rarely account for braces hardware.

To help preserve the integrity of your braces and prevent soft tissue trauma during sports, Dr. Rehana Khan can help fit you for a custom mouth guard. It is a soft, durable plastic mouthpiece designed to match the contours of your teeth and braces. This will provide your mouth with maximum protection and ease of breathing.

If you are an athlete with braces in the Santa Monica, California, area and you need help protecting your mouth, you should call 310-393-3344 to explore the braces options available at Santa Monica Orthodontics.