Phase I

This phase constitutes interceptive treatment for specific goals.

In certain situations, early treatment is necessary to accomplish specific goals. This can usually be initiated once the 4 permanent first molars have erupted, as well as the upper and lower front teeth. Some problems that can be addressed at this early age include:

  1. Correction of protruded front teeth to reduce risk of injury/fracture.
  2. Correction of deep overbite.
  3. Improving the skeletal relationship of upper and lower jaws. Expansion of the palate may reduce the need for later extractions of permanent teeth as the arch develops, which may prevent the need for later jaw surgery.
  4. Smile straightening.
  5. Assistance with cessation of finger and/or thumb-sucking habits.
  6. Management of crowded teeth.

Once Phase I is complete, our team at Santa Monica Orthodontics will continue to monitor the eruption of your permanent teeth a few times per year, until the complete adult teeth are present. At this point, Dr. Rehana Khan will make an evaluation and determine the necessity for any additional treatment. Please contact us today at 310-393-3344 to schedule your appointment with our orthodontist and see if early orthodontics in Santa Monica, California, is right for your child.

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