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Certain athletic activities and contact sports come with an increased risk of injury. Many schools, gyms, and athletic associations require using a mouth guard to protect your teeth and soft oral tissues from the potential trauma caused by a blow to the face.

There are several different styles available in stores. A stock mouth guard is often inexpensive and easy to find. While there are varying designs, most are made from a durable yet soft plastic.

Boil and bite mouth guards are somewhat more sophisticated than stock mouth guards. They are made from a special thermoplastic material. When heated in hot water the mouth guard becomes malleable. When you bite down on it the thermoplastic material conforms to the unique shape of your mouth.

Some athletes complain that these retail level mouth guards are uncomfortable. Certain designs can even make it hard to breath during full exertion.

One way to address these concerns is to have Dr. Rehana Khan fit you for a custom mouth guard. This is a soft and durable mouth piece that will be made specifically to match the unique details of your mouth. Dr. Rehana Khan will design the unit for maximum passage of air.

Custom mouth guards are especially helpful for athletes with braces as the unit can be designed with the orthodontic hardware in mind.

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