Craniofacial orthodontics deals with the specific oral problems of cleft lip and cleft palate. Either of these issues can cause serious damage in the future, and our team at Santa Monica Orthodontics want to do our part to ensure that you have minimal problems throughout your life. If you or a family member has a cleft lip or palate and requires craniofacial orthodontics in Santa Monica, California, please contact our office at 310-393-3344 and set up a consultation with our orthodontist, Dr. Rehana Khan.

Cleft lip and cleft palate are common birth defects that can occur together or separately. A cleft lip is the separation of the two sides of the lip, often including separation of the gum and bone in the upper jaw. A cleft palate occurs when the two palate sides fail to merge during fetus development; this results in an opening in the roof of the mouth.

Having a cleft lip and/or palate can have several serious side effects that influence your or your child’s physical, mental, dental, and emotional health. Among these side effects include:

  • Speech Impediments
  • Difficulty Feeding
  • Ear Infections and Hearing Loss
  • Dental Issues

For those who are born with a cleft deformity, it is often encouraged to treat them early on to avoid as many side effects as possible. After surgery, our dentist will work with you or your child to determine if any other treatments are needed. If you or your child has a cleft lip or cleft palate and you want to know if a cleft lip or palate correction is right for you, we invite you to call or visit us today.

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