Phase II

This phase constitutes full treatment after patients lose their baby teeth. At the end of Phase I, all teeth are not yet erupted, and therefore, they are not in their final positions.

In most cases, this phase is separated from Phase I by several months to years; however, sometimes, based on the timing of the eruption of teeth, Phases I and II may form a single, continuous phase. Patients who are in need of Phase I treatment do not have all of their permanent teeth yet. Our orthodontist, Dr. Rehana Khan, does not have control the eruption of the remaining permanent teeth, so once the teeth have erupted, there may be need for further treatment. Should this be necessary, treatment usually consists of full braces or Invisalign® treatment.

For patients who do not need a Phase I treatment, full treatment may be necessary once all permanent teeth have erupted. For most children, this occurs at age 11 to 14. However, there is no age limit as to when you can benefit from orthodontic treatment. In growing children, the treatment time is usually shorter than for adults, as the growing process can facilitate tooth movement; however, adult teeth can also be moved. There are choices of traditional metal braces, “tooth-colored” ceramic braces, and invisible braces (Invisalign®), as well as simple tooth movements with appliances. Dr. Rehana Khan can discuss the different options for teen orthodontics in Santa Monica, California, to help you decide which treatments are best to accomplish your orthodontic goals. Contact Santa Monica Orthodontics at 310-393-3344 today to schedule your consultation.

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